Meet The Munchkin

I have been itching to foster again, but with the Mr.’s new job and my crazy fall work schedule, the timing just doesn’t seem right. So when I got an email from Almost Home Rescue, another organization I volunteer with, asking for temporary holds for several puppies, I thought this would be a good compromise. I happened to have this week off from work, and who wouldn’t want to spend 5 days with a cute little puppy?

Meet Germany! I really don’t like the name the shelter gave her, it feels to masculine for a female, so we nicknamed her Munchkin. She is 12 weeks old weighing in at a tiny 12 pounds. She was born on our one year wedding anniversary, 5/29/12 (crazy, right?!). The info we got said she is a lab mix. I don’t know if that’s true, her ears are enormous and her legs are kind of stubby, but she is stinking cute.

Her first night with us was tough. She whined all night in the crate, was up every two hours to go out, and peed on pretty much every surface in my house. On Sunday afternoon I noticed her belly was HUGE and she seemed very uncomfortable. Being the worrier of the ‘better safe than sorry’ mindset, we decided to take her to the emergency vet. After a fecal sample, we discovered she has roundworm, tapeworm, hookworm and coccidia. Poor baby. We were sent home with three different meds, all with different dosing instructions. What is it with our fosters and making us feel like we run a doggie pharmacy?

After a couple days, Munchkin’s belly is getting smaller and she seems to be feeling better. She has a great appetite and is a playful happy puppy! As Nola stated yesterday, she has two speeds- fast and asleep. I forgot how much energy puppies have. I also forgot how much they go potty. We have gone through countless poop bags since we have to pick up every poop so Nola doesn’t get and of the contagious worms in her belly too. I have used two giant rolls of paper towels cleaning up her messes inside the house. We’ve started giving her treats and praising her every time she goes potty outside and I feel like she’s actually getting it. Last night she didn’t pee in her crate at all and today she hasn’t peed in the house. Whenever I notice her by the door I take her out to potty and she’s doing it! She also now knows sit, and we ask her to sit before she gets fed.

Although it’s been a lot of work, having a puppy round is also so much fun. The snuggles and kisses and cute tail wags make it so worth it. I know I went into this knowing it was short term, I feel myself getting upset at the thought of letting her go tomorrow. It’s a mix of  worry about her health and the care her new family will take with her, and also a little bit of sadness because we’ve formed a bond in these few short days. With Laynie, we chose who her forever home would be and we still stay in touch, but in this situation I have no idea where she is going and if I’ll ever see her again. I hope I will, Munchkin is a great puppy and I think she will make her new family extremely happy.

8 thoughts on “Meet The Munchkin

  1. Oh my, that is just cuteness personified. Love the little tongue out when sleeping! Love all the pics. Getting broody to have another foster puppy as well but still have it quite clear in my mind – the potty training, feeding, playing, chaos and all. I so hope you are able to find a home where you can keep in touch with her progress. It certainly makes it a little easier to part.

  2. Try hanging a bell by a string on the door you take her through to go outside. Ring the bell every time you take her to potty. She will begin to associate the bell with getting to relieve herself, and she will start hitting the bell when she gets the urge to go. Rufus was potty trained in 24 hours with this method! I know you only have Munchkin for a week, but it might help for her future foster family to have her on her way to potty trained-ness! 😉

    She is such a doll! I don’t think I could do a puppy again, but boy, are they cute!

  3. I can’t believe how cute she is. And I so agree with you re her name. I also wonder what kind of home the rescue found for her, because if she is truly and Lab/Hound mix, she is going to be lovely, but a HANDFUL in terms of energy level and exercise needs. Mazzie still doesn’t have an off button and she’s 3 1/2 years old!

  4. She’s adorable! When I was fostering, I started with puppies ’cause I figured the short time frame and sleepless nights would help giving them to their forever families much easier. Yup, didn’t work that way. I bawled like a baby when every single one of them went home, regardless of whether I’d had them for 4 days or 4 weeks.

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