Sargent- Adopted!

Sargent was adopted by us on July 20, 2013! Sadly, he passed away January 6, 2015 at the age of 15. We miss him everyday.

DSC_0374Don’t let his ‘old man’ looks fool you, Sargent is full of energy and young at heart. He loves to go for walks, but only needs one or two short ones per day. He will go on more if you want to take him though! He is great on leash, happily trotting along. He is not reactive at all, and the only thing you’ll have to watch out for is him wanting to go say “hi” to everyone he meets!  Sarge is very easy going, as long as he has a spot on the couch next to you, he is happy. His tail never stops wagging. He doesn’t like the crate, but does great being left alone in the living room. The only thing he loves more than a walk and the couch is the car! He loves going for rides anywhere. He would love to be a bed dog too, as he loves to fall asleep snuggled up to you.

DSC_0510We have experienced that he sometimes tries to dominate other dogs he meets by either mounting or pushing them around. This is easily corrected, and Sarge does very well once boundaries are established. He is in very good health for his age and can do stairs, jump up in the car (with a little gentle help) and even climb into the bathtub! Because he can sometimes be a little over-zealous with his excitement, he may not be a little too much for families with small kids that may be at Sarge’s level, but Sarge would be a great, easy, happy dog for any family with kids that are about 10 or older. If you give him a place to live out his golden years, he will love you with all of his heart for as long as he has left.
DSC_0462If you’re interested in adopting Sargent, please fill out an application with B.U.R.N.

2 thoughts on “Sargent- Adopted!

  1. I found this guy on BURN’s Facebook page. I had to click it to learn about him. I was hoping he’d be adopted by now. I can’t but there is something truly mesmorizing about him. He looks like a dog I knew but I cannot think of the dog… maybe a bunch of dogs. Anyway, congratulations to his new family and Sargent himself for finding the loves of his life 🙂


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