About Mr. and Mrs. and Nola

I thought I had the love thing figured out. I found my partner in forever, and we became Mr. and Mrs. in May of 2011. But, I never realized the love a dog could bring to a person’s life until we rescued Nola. Now, our lives revolve around our fur baby and we wouldn’t have it any other way. This new passion has made us want more, and help share the love that Nola has unlocked in us with as many other pups as we can.dog_sarge137

The Mr. and I live in Portland, Maine. He works in Sport Marketing, I work in B2B Marketing. Nola was our first dog and she became ours in October of 2010. She is a boxer mix and currently 3 years old. Sargent was our fourth foster and became our second perma-dog in July of 2013. He is a pit bull mix and is currently 14 years old.

We started fostering in 2012. We have successfully helped place four dogs in loving homes. Since we foster failed with Sarge, and a three dog household is too much for us, we now volunteer and do what we can to help local pups find good homes. We strongly believe that all dogs are individuals and should not be judged by their breed alone.

Thanks for following!
-Danielle, Jim, Nola & Sarge

5 thoughts on “About Mr. and Mrs. and Nola

  1. Hi guys!
    I’m glad you found us so I could find you. Thanks for checking us out and I’m looking forward to keeping tabs on your girl. You’re right, she does have those same soulful eyes. Beautiful!

  2. Hi there, I just found my way to your blog! My two rescue dogs have changed my life as well, and like you, I foster failed with my second addition, Boca. I’m adding you to my reading list!

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