Nola Muffin Mon-Tuesday: The Puppy

They did it again. They brought home another dog. I don’t know why they keep insisting on doing that. First it was Laynie, then Sockeye, then Zoe. And now? A PUPPY. Ugh.
Mommy keeps calling her “Munchkin,” she seems to have a thing about nicknaming us “M” words. I think the puppy’s other name is “No! Pee outside!” Mommy says that before she picks Munchkin up and runs outside. Then Mommy comes back in and uses a funny smelling spray to clean up the mess. Looks like a lot of work, I don’t know why the puppy just doesn’t go pee outside in the first place!

I know I used to be a puppy myself, but there is no possible way I was THIS annoying. She only has two speeds, fast and sleepy. When she is in fast mode, all she wants to do is play with me. And you know how she shows it? By licking my face and trying to bite my cheeks. I try to turn away to show her I am not interested, but she just won’t give up.Then, when I do play, she runs away crying with her tail tucked. I don’t get it. And when she’s not trying to play with me, she is taking all my toys. I’m not that good at sharing, but there’s really no point in trying to take them away. I’d rather have her bite my toys than my face. Mommy says I am being a good dog and being tall-er-ant of the baby, and I agree I am much taller than she is.
She is also very whiny. I am a quiet dog, I don’t bark or whine, and I don’t know why she feels the need to always announce things. She cries when Mommy leaves the room and in the car. She cries the most at bedtime in her crate. I haven’t gotten a good night sleep in three days! I’ve been sleeping in Mommy’s spot on the human bed because she’s been sleeping on the floor with miss whiny pants. I thought humans didn’t sleep on floors, but apparently they do when puppies are around.
Mommy and Daddy keep saying that she is only here for a few days because she already has a family of her own, so I don’t have to permanently share their attention. I can’t wait until she leaves and goes to her forever home. I am a more mature dog and prefer to play with dogs my own age. Hopefully Mommy will be so tired from all the pee and no sleep that she’ll think twice before subjecting me to a puppy again!

9 thoughts on “Nola Muffin Mon-Tuesday: The Puppy

  1. The best part of foster puppies? How thankful Mom is when they go to their forever homes and she’s left with her very well-behaved Nola who knows how to go potty outside and not to bite fingers. Just you wait! In a few days, everything will be back to its normal self with a little more appreciation of your maturity, Nola.

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