Laynie is Adopted!

It’s official, Laynie is adopted! After interviewing a couple of applicants that weren’t right for one reason or another, we found Laynie a forever family. We actually found out last week, but I have been putting off writing this post because in my head if I don’t write about it, it’s not really happening, and I don’t have to think about saying goodbye to this face:

While we are so excited and happy for monkey, this adoption is bittersweet for Jim and I. Laynie was our very first foster and we have grown a special bond with her. We are so thrilled that she is going to a family that will love her as much as we do, but we just don’t want to say goodbye! The fact that she is sick again and we are going to keep her with us until she gets better, is making it even more tough! Everything we do from now until next Saturday when we bring her to her forever home, we think is ‘the last time we will do this with Laynie.’

But, we are also trying to think of the positives. Her new mom works teacher’s hours, so Laynie will have someone home with her all summer and during all school vacations. She will have a new four legged sister to annoy play with, as well as two legged human sister to take her on walks. Her new family is committed to helping her work on her house manners and walking on a leash. And, she will get to sleep on the bed, one of her favorite things ever! (We haven’t allowed her to sleep on the bed at night, not wanting to start a habit that a potential adopter might not like).

I plan to write more about the process we went through to get here and reflect on the whole fostering experience later next week. Also, I am sure there will be a teary post after we drop her off next Saturday. But until then, we will cherish these last couple weeks we have with the little monkey and cross our fingers that the kennel cough will finally go away for good so the transition to her forever home will be as easy as possible!

11 thoughts on “Laynie is Adopted!

  1. Oh CONGRATULATIONS! The first one is so tough, I’ll never forget saying good-bye to Tucker. I’d love to tell you it gets easier, but…

    Try to find comfort in the fact that without you, Laynie may not have had a chance at happiness. And, remember that now you get to save ANOTHER life! That’s the part that keeps me going. That, and happy updates from the new family! You guys ROCK!!

    • Thank you! Yes, it will definitely be tough to say goodbye. I think I am going to need several posts to put into words all of our feelings around this first experience. I just keep reminding myself that she isn’t ours and she has found her forever family, which was the goal anyway!

  2. Congratulations!!!!! Like Heartbeat at my Feet said, the first foster is always the toughest to let go. You did a great thing for her and it sounds like you found her a great home! Can’t wait to start hearing updates from her new family (once she gets better and can settle in with them) and can’t wait to meet your NEW foster!

    • Thanks Emily! Her forever mom has already promised to send pictures and to schedule some walks with us in the future, so it won’t be the last time the blog world sees Laynie! And as for our new foster….it might be a little bit. We haven’t even said goodbye to Laynie and I think I’m going to need some time to sort everything out in my head!

  3. Yay!!! You are awesome and Laynie is knows happiness, safety and love because of you and she will continue to know all those things, again because of you. I can’t imagine the emotion of letting go, but keep telling yourself how incredibly wonderful you are to find a living creature a forever home!

  4. Congratulations!!!! You saved her life and I’m guessing that you’ll on to save many more (of course, when you’re ready). I’m so grateful that Laynie found her way to you and now has a bright and loving future ahead of her as a direct result. Please keep us posted re updates from her new forever family!

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