Happy 14th Birthday Sarge!

The shelter told us 12. His adoption profile said 13. But, the paperwork from his previous owner had vet records with the birth-date of 7/20/1999. That means tomorrow the big boy turns the big 1-4.

Yeah, it's my birthday!

Yeah, it’s my birthday!

I’ve got a few of his favorite things to give him as presents and we’re of course going to have cake and Frosty Paws! Check back on Monday for photos of his celebration and to check out his loot!

Ma! Can't I just open my presents now?!

Ma! Can’t I just open my presents now?!

12 thoughts on “Happy 14th Birthday Sarge!

  1. When a foster or rescue dog celebrates their first birthday in their new environment, I always consider it in some ways, their first birthday. it’s the only one you can confirm will be spent the right way! Happy Birthday, Sarge! I know it’s going to be perfect!

  2. Happy Birthday to the big ole stud muffin! It makes my heart happier than words can describe to see how loved he is. Seniors deserve the best and y’all are certainly giving it to him!

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