Laynie Needs Your Help

It is with regret and sadness that I have to share that Laynie is in need of a home. After 2.5 years, her adoptive home has decided they can no longer provide Laynie what she needs to be happy. To make matters worse, the rescue who took her in does not exist anymore. I will do a more in depth post about it later, but for now, here is some information about Laynie. If you are local to Maine, please share her story.

Laynie_portrait2Delaynie was our first foster. She came to us in mid-May from a bad situation. We instantly were drawn to her cute little face. She was about only 18 months old when we got her and she already had a litter of puppies. She needed to be spayed. She hadn’t been taught any manners and needed to learn how to be less enthusiastic about everything. Although it was a tough adjustment period (read about it here, here and here), we had so much fun with her and fell in love. While she was with us we found out how smart she is, how great of a snuggle bug she is, how much she loves to chew tennis balls and bully sticks, and how she might have been a fish in another life. She was adopted at the end of May of 2012, but now finds herself without a home, through no fault of her own. You can read more about Laynie by clicking here.

If you, or someone you know, is interested in fostering or adopting Laynie, please email us at