Sarge’s DNA Revealed!

When we sprung Sarge from the shelter, we were told that he is a pit bull/boxer mix. Of course, knowing that pit bull is not a an actual breed, unless it is referencing the American Pit Bull Terrier, we were not convinced. Nola is part boxer and that is pretty obvious just by looking at her, but with Sarge I wasn’t so sure. He does have a massive block head, so that could come from several different breeds that make up the ‘pit bull’ label so many shelters use. But, what about the one ear straight up one ear down, the black skin underneath the fawn colored fur, his short but stocky body, the long, thick tail?

So *drum roll, please* according to his Wisdom Panel, Sarge is an:
American Staffordshire Terrier, Bulldog, German Shepard, Staffordshire Bull Terrier Mix.

sarge_breeds2One of his parents was an American Staffordshire Terrier/Bulldog mix and the other was more of a mutt, but with German Shepard and Staffordshire Bull Terrier genes detected. Just as I thought, he is definitely not a boxer. I do think the bulldog is spot on. The size and shape of his head is definitely similar, minus the brachycephalic nose. The German Shepard could be where his pointed ears came from!
DSC_0966So, it seems as though the Mr. and I now have a bona fide pit bull as part of our family. I was a bit disappointed when Nola’s test came out with no trace of pit bull breeds, so I am happy that Sarge definitely is. He is a great example of a friendly, easy going, snuggley, handsome, rescued dog that is also a pit bull. Now when people ask me what he is I can proudly tell them that he is a pit bull and a great dog! Because above all else, he is a dog, and we love him regardless of what his genes are. And now, I can proudly display this sticker that I’ve had for months!
pitbullfamily2Anyone surprised by the results? Have you had your dog DNA tested?

*As a side note, I do understand the controversy surrounding the accuracy of dog DNA tests. In no way do I think they are 100% accurate, but for someone who was just plain curious, these tests are fun and interesting and do not hurt the dog in any way.

12 thoughts on “Sarge’s DNA Revealed!

  1. When I look at Sarge, I really don’t think pitbull. I definitely see more of a Heinz 57 dog which is what my heart dog looked like. Sarge looks like he has a little of a lot of different breeds. And I absolutely love his eyes. They just look like they are always full of so much love and he looks like an awesome snuggler.

  2. We just got Dixie’s results back and I have to say I was shocked that there was no am staff detected. She is, after all, a country dog and surely somewhere along the lines she had some pittie in her. But nope – some boxer, some beagle, some cattle dog and A LOT if mixes thrown in 🙂 I wish we would have done Brutus before he passed.

  3. What I love most is that regardless of whether there is any “real” pitbull breed in a dog, being a blocky-headed mutt is what makes them a REAL pitbull! I’ve posted this quote from Ken Foster on the the blog before, but it is just SO true:

    “A pitbull is exuberant, affectionate, loyal, block-headed, athletic, ridiculous, occasionally stubborn, challenging, rewarding, and loved. A pitbull is American, and like most Americans these dogs are a jumble of DNA and contradictions, which is, naturally, what pit bull lovers love most about their dogs.”

    But of course, we do love the satisfaction of having the pitbull breed present in SUCH a wonderful dog!

  4. I am dying to have my pups DNA testing done! Especially my Oscar, since he his growth was stunted, I’d love to know what his potential size could have been! 🙂

  5. I go back and forth with wanting to know and not wanting to know. I don’t live in a pitty restricted area but you never know what laws will change.

  6. So interesting! We had our only non-bully-mix (presumed, I suppose) tested. Going into it, we knew he had to have some GSD in him, but beyond that, it was just wild guesses. We never in a million years would’ve come up with his mix: GSD x boxer x St. Bernard! Since we had the test done, several boxer people have told me the “see it” and a St. Bernard person said “maybe.” HA! Regardless, like you said, it was a lot of fun!

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