Sargent is Adopted!

In case you missed yesterday’s post or don’t follow M&M&NK on Facebook, Sargent was officially adopted by the Mr. and I this weekend on his 14th Birthday.DSC_0047Pretty much since we got him in April EVERYONE asked, “Are you going to keep him?” I’m pretty used to this, especially since I started the blog. I try to write about everything that happens with our fosters, but it’s mostly slanted toward the positive aspects. People never really see the struggles and the behavior issues that we deal with. With Laynie, I knew she would get adopted, so answering the question of keeping her was easy, no. With Anna, she had SO many issues I wasn’t sure she was going to be adopted any time soon, but I knew that she was NOT a good fit for us long term. Thankfully her perfect family found her. And then there was Sarge. IMG_3900

The questions began the instant we pulled him from the shelter, I think mostly due to his age. And, I couldn’t say that he would definitely get adopted. He was by far the most well behaved and easiest foster we’ve had, but his age was a tough thing for people to get over. We had an applicant almost immediately after we got him, but her financial situation changed right after she applied and just didn’t think adopting him would be the responsible thing to do.

As time went on, and there was no interest in him, the Mr. and I started seriously discussing the possibility of Sarge being a ‘long term foster.’ Then, a few things came up that made us think this was the right time. First, when I reached out to BURN about the possibility of adding Sarge to our family, my contact told me she was getting ready to send out a marketing blast about the available dogs so I should try to let her know sooner rather than later. Then, when I went back into all his paperwork from the NHSPCA and found that his birthday was July 20, it made me think we should make that day one big celebration and make his adoption official then. DSC_0374I’ve known for a couple weeks now that this was the plan. Some of you probably were clued in when I stopped posting about why he should be adopted. I also stopped putting his adoption information at the bottom of my posts. I wanted to wait to announce it after it was official, but it was really hard to keep a secret!

Now I’ve crossed off three items from my rescue bucket list with one dog! He’s a very special guy and we’re happy that he is a member of our family. I worry a little about Nola because he’s not the ‘ideal’ second dog for her. We always said that we wouldn’t add another dog that she wasn’t in love with. But, she’s not in love with him the way she was with Zeus, or with her BFF Payson. He’s big, pushy, and more dominant than she is and sometimes she just wants to be away from him. He means well, and tries to snuggle with her, but she doesn’t want anything to do with him. I hope that with some management on our end, and lots of special Nola time, she will be ok with him long term. IMG_3937Having two permanent dogs also means the end of fostering for a while. I have loved each dog we’ve fostered, but I am happy to take some time off. The only time the Mr. and I seriously fight is when we have a foster in the house. It’s stressful and a lot of work, and extremely rewarding all in one. I don’t regret anything, and the fact that now Laynie’s mom is fostering (she has TWO fosters, plus Laynie and her sister Daisy!), it feels a bit like a ‘pay it forward’ situation. I still plan to be involved with BURN, and possibly do some foster holds and transports. I can’t imagine my life not being involved with dog rescue in some way. IMG_4204So, there you have it, the full explanation of Sarge’s adoption. We love him tons and are so happy to give him a place to live out his golden years. We hope we still have a good amount of time with him, but should that not be the case, we are happy that he will know nothing but love in his final days.

18 thoughts on “Sargent is Adopted!

  1. This is just so awesome. I am so happy for you guys! And I think Nola will be fine because you are so tuned in to her needs that you won’t let anything get to the point of really causing her angst. I definitely agree about the “pay it forward” thing too. When I stop and look at all the people I’ve gotten involved in rescue its really amazing! Congratulations again to all of you, but especially Sarge for getting such a perfect ending.

  2. I’m so happy for Sarge. I once had the perfect pairing of two dogs, then a third came into the mix and everything changed. Dog relationships don’t always work out the way one hopes that they may. My last one from AR I thought would be the perfect playmate for my then-youngest. No. They are a lot alike but there has been no play between them. Sarge is one lucky boy. I hope that you continue to post.

  3. Seriously squealed with delight when I read yesterdays post! You literally have the best of both worlds, a young gal and old guy — it such a wonderful time in both their lives, I’m glad they both have you guys to shower them with love. And take it from someone who really wanted her resident dog to LOVE the new addition… situations can be right for unexpected reasons. Is Jake what Melvin wanted? Hell no. Is he what Melvin (and I) needed, absolutely! You’re an AWESOME person for rescuing Sarge, the world is better because of people like you!

  4. I am so glad you adopted him.

    You are doing better than I am with two dogs. I have two that also don’t love each other. They won’t even get on the couch at the same time.

  5. This is such exciting news! Senior dogs-especially elderbulls-are awesome…my husband has told me he’d have no problem with 10 dogs in the house if they were all like Mr B!

    Looking forward to more posts & pictures of his continued life in his new home!

  6. Yes! Yes! Yes! We are so happy for all of you! Tess wasn’t so thrilled at the thought of Ed, but they are slowly finding their rhythm together. For a future dog, I would definitely choose more carefully, but we love Ed and all that he’s taught us.

    We’re so excited to see more of Sarge as he enjoys the good life!

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