The ABCs of Sarge

I have declared this the Week of Sarge in celebration of his 14th Birthday on Saturday. Getting to age 14 is a pretty big accomplishment for a dog his size. Every post this week will be about the big boy, so you can all get to know him a little better. To start, here is an alphabet full of things that make Sarge the big love he is.

Age is just a number with this guy. He is young at heart and has the energy of a dog half his age!
Big ol’ head means there’s more of him to love.
Car rides are his fave!
Drooly…I think more water gets on the floor than in his mouth.
Ears are one of his cutest features. One up, one down, they are adorable.
DSC_0906Farty McFarty Pants is a fitting nickname. Although he doesn’t act like an old man, he sure farts like one!
Good boy. He is so obedient, it makes me believe he must had had a decent life before us.
Hump-y. He doesn’t understand that other dogs don’t like to be sniffed like that. Maybe it’s due to the fact that he got neutered at age 13.
Impossible not to smile when you see just how cute he is in person.
Joker. Not only is he silly, but the Mr. thinks he looks like the Joker because of his smile,  white face and black eye-liner. I think he looks more like a member of Kiss. 🙂
IMG_4052King of the couch. The chaise has officially become his spot.
Lap dog. Sarge loves to be near his people.
Male. It’s an obvious thing about him, but he is the first boy dog we’ve ever had in the house. And boy, does he pee on everything.
Not picky. This guy will eat anything.
Out going. I have never met a dog that was more friendly around strangers.
Poop eater. Yeah, it’s gross.
Quiet. I have never heard him bark. The most noise he makes is when he snores.
Really easy-going. He’ll go anywhere and is great in new situations, in crowds, and with loud noises.
Sleepy boy. His other favorite thing to do is nap, especially on our bed.
IMG_4084Tail wagging, always.
Un-aware of his body mass. He is a bull in a china shop for sure.
Very healthy. For age 14, he has no major health concerns.
Wonderful, no other explanation necessary on this one.
X-cellent leash walker. He is a joy to take out for walks because he just happily trots next to you.
Youthful. Did I mention he is in great shape for his age? He keeps right up with Nola on our walks!
I could list a Zillion more reasons to love and adopt this guy!

16 thoughts on “The ABCs of Sarge

  1. I absolutely love seeing your dogs pictures and hearing about their wonderful lives. Could you let Sarge be adopted at this point in time? I have been fostering my dog for 4 years. It’s such a joke at this point cause I would never let him go. Just curious.

  2. Sarge is very handsome. Happy birthday:) My girl, Alex, just turned 11 this past May and I thought that was amazingly long for a medium size dog. She is very healthy, like Sarge and I always like to learn from other pet parents, therefore, if you don’t mind sharing, what kind of diet does he have? Kibble + human food? or Human food only? Thanks.

    • Hi Marcela, we’ve only had Sarge for the past 3 months, but since then he’s been eating Wellness Simple kibble mixed with some canned turkey. He does get some human food as treats, he loves all veggies, fruits and especially cheese!

      • Thanks for the information I requested. My girl Alex, also eats Wellness, veggies, chicken soup and stir fry. No cheese because she’ll fart too much and gets scared of her own farts:) Alex just turned 11 this past May and I am trying to do my best to keep her active;)

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