Rescue Bucket List

I realized when I got back from vacation that I had forgotten that the Mr. and I just passed a couple of big milestones. The first was the one year anniversary of when we got our very first foster, Laynie. It was one year ago that I drove home after being in Boston for five days for work, picked up the Mr., and then drove another 45 minutes north to get Laynie. When we met her she was bouncing off the walls and the Mr. and I were afraid of what we got ourselves into. It took some adjustment time (read about it here, here and here) but soon we fell in love with Laynie and with fostering.
IMG_1681The other milestone was that I started this blog right around the same time as Laynie came into our lives. I originally just wanted a place to write about and share photos of Nola, but soon discovered that it was a wonderful resource to write about fosters to help get them adopted. Through this blog, I have ‘met’ so many wonderful people and I have learned so much about the world of rescue, fostering, and dogs in general. The network that I have uncovered over the past year has been invaluable. I am excited to keep learning, making more connections, and saving more dogs!
IMG_1606Looking back, and forward at the same time, I have begun a list of things I want to accomplish through rescue. With all the information I’ve gathered from reading other blogs, following rescues, and volunteering, I have started to realize the scope of the problems rescues are facing. Shelters are full, some are still euthanizing perfectly healthy dogs, strays run rampant in some parts of the country, and BSL is threatening to make things worse. As I get deeper and deeper into the world of rescue sometimes I feel like ignorance was bliss, but then again, I am glad I know what I know now so I can help. I know I can not save them all, which believe it or not was a hard realization to come to, but there are certain types of dogs that I have been thinking that I want to rescue for one reason or another. So, without further adieu, here is my rescue bucket list:

  1. Rescue a dog directly from a shelter- literally walk the dog out of the shelter and into my home (and heart!).
  2. Foster, rescue or adopt a senior dog who can live out the rest of his or her golden years in a loving environment.
  3. Rescue/foster a momma AND her puppies.
  4. Foster a little dog (30 pounds or under).
  5. Become a foster failure!

The last one might seem like a strange goal to some of you in the fostering world. But to me, fostering first and really being able to see how another dog fits into our lives would be the best thing for us. Nola is very tolerant of other dogs in her home, but to officially add another four legged member to our family I would need her approval first. I love EVERY dog and want to keep them all. But, it’s the ‘queen of the castle’ that needs to make the decision for us.
IMG_1352 What do you think of my list? Do you have a ‘to-do’ list having to do with dogs or rescue?

18 thoughts on “Rescue Bucket List

  1. Love the list — especially the last one! How great to make that such a positive term!

    Also, I think you list is almost exactly the same as mine! I also want to participate in a long transport (weird), and I’m not sure I could do a momma and her puppies (yikes!).

    wWchecked off the “under 30” task with our foster Toby the Beagle. He was really fun and it was interesting to get to know a breed other than bully!

  2. I think this is an EXCELLENT list! Mine happens to be basically identical with one exception, I don’t foresee myself doing a “dog under 30 lbs.” I wish you the best of luck in reaching your goals!

    • Oh! And I just thought I should add that walking the dog out of the shelter yourself is probably the best feeling in the entire world. I’ve been lucky enough to do it a couple of times and literally nothing in the world compares to it! Just had to add that in there 🙂

  3. Nice list, I especially like #2 🙂

    The only dog-related item I had on my bucket list was to adopt a pit puppy and I got to cross that off last year. I would soooo love to adopt another senior though!

  4. I LOVE your list! You guys are amazing for what you do. You have such huge hearts! I think my list is quite similar. I’m hoping that in the next year or two we can start fostering! woo hoo!

  5. I like how this is a broad range. Fostering seniors is our favorite, and it’s what I would like to do all the time. The under 30 lb dog was our hardest foster yet, and I know we could never do a puppy (let alone a litter!)

  6. What a great list! We have fostered a lot of puppies, including 2 mommas with a total of 13 pups (at two different times!) We love the puppies because Titan loves the puppies. I would love to foster an elderbull and hopefully our next dog will be an older one. I have even considered compassion fostering, it would be sad to say good-bye when the time came but it would feel soo good in the meantime. Good luck with No. 5, what a great way to find Nola’s best friend!

  7. I love the list and may steal it myself, although since we adopted Ray at 7 weeks after helping to birth him i wouldn’t use that one. Elderbulls, though are definitely something i want to do more with.

  8. Great bucket list! So far having 1 difficult foster adopted once and returned has made most of our experience with her. (Difficultin regards to not being great with other dogs, a pure joy otherwise.) I am confident we will foster fail one day and who wouldn’t want to? It’s falling in love and saving a life all the same. Our county euthanizes EASILY 800 dogs a week and my guess is the majority are healthy. Yuck.yuck.yuck.
    Congratulations on a year of accomplishments!

  9. This is an awesome list! I think that my list would include being a foster family at some point in time. We need to figure out how to have these two nuggets without going crazy before we can do anything more though. 😀

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