Aruba, Bahamas, Come on Pretty Mama…

By all accounts this winter has sucked. Plain and simple. It has been extremely busy and stressful at work, and the winter weather decided to make life even more miserable. So, after one particularly annoying snow storm back in January, the Mr. and I decided to plan a vacation to somewhere warm, without snow, and far away from here.

What we're leaving (both Nola and the snow)

What we’re leaving (both Nola and the snow)

We enjoyed our honeymoon cruise around Europe so much that we booked another one, this time to the Caribbean. It’s going to be 9 days of sun, sand and relaxation. (We also are planning a stop at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, since we’re flying into Orlando. Don’t judge, we are nerds and we embrace it!)

Where we're going!

Where we’re going!

I have been in Boston to work a tradeshow since Friday, and then we leave this Friday for the cruise. I will not have access to the internet while cruising, so as much as I love all our faithful readers, you won’t be hearing from me until I am thoroughly relaxed and have a nice brown tan.

I am a little anxious about leaving Muffin for 9 days, but she will be with her Pepere and Memere (my mom and dad), who I think she loves even  just a little more than us. Since I am a big worrier they are not dog owners, I leave them with a typed out set of “rules” for Nola that include her meal schedule, what NOT to feed her, the vet’s phone number, emergency vet directions and commands we use when we want Nola to do something. It stinks that I haven’t seen her the past 5 days and only have two nights to spend with her until I leave for another 9 days. Is it crazy that I am a little more sad about leaving her than I am happy about vacation?

Well anyway, Bon Voyage to all of you. Have a great week…..and peace out Maine winter!

11 thoughts on “Aruba, Bahamas, Come on Pretty Mama…

  1. I know you’ll have an amazing time! I can relate to the stress and worry, though. I’ve only been away once over night since adopting Ray and even then I was technically not gone 24 hours.

  2. Not crazy at all! We left three dogs with my parents for a week last summer while we visited family on the west coast. While it was still a great getaway, between the time difference and our schedules, it took several days to hear from my parents about the dogs which was stressful for me.

  3. Have fun!!!!! I’ll be heading to Bahamas by the time you get back and after that we can compare crazy — i easily leave a 3 page typed note of instruction and I call ALL THE TIME to check in!!! Safe travels!!!

  4. I hope you have a great time and get in some good relaxing, I’m sure Nola will be just fine but will be happy to see you when you get back.

    And, I might add a bit selfishly that I’m also jealous, I want to go to see The Wizarding World of Harry Potter and go on a cruise too! Please take pictures!


    I hope you have an excellent time on all of your adventures! I MUST KNOW ABOUT THE HARRY POTTER EXPERIENCE WHEN YOU RETURN!!!!!!! (I’m a MAJOR Harry Potter nerd if you hadn’t gathered that…..).

  6. I can definitely relate! My fiance just booked everything for our honeymoon and all I can thing is- I hope Maple will be okay at my parents house…

    Have fun! I’m sure everything will be fine!

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