Nola’s New Accessory

I often call Nola ‘my accessory’ as a way to justify her multiple (and matching) collars, jackets, leashes and the newest fashion piece, her snood. But Friday Nola got her own accessory, a custom collar flower from Little Bow Pup.
bow1I loved ALL of the flowers in the shop, but since Nola’s collar has a pretty busy pattern, I really wanted a solid color flower so I chose to customize one just for her. I emailed back and forth with Ashley, the shop owner and fellow blogger over at Pitlandia, discussing what I was thinking and asking for her suggestions. She was so helpful and accommodating. I am not great at making decisions, but she sent me samples of the fabric, which was so helpful! The finished product is beautiful. It matches Nola’s collar perfectly.bow2bow3It just so happened that the flower arrived on the day Nemo (the blizzard that dumped 31.9″ of snow on us) did too. So, our photo shoot happened outside. Isn’t the flower and the snow in the background a nice juxtaposition?
bow4bow6After the flower was done, I got one final email from Ashley asking me if she could name it after Nola! How awesome is that? Now YOU can have a Nola flower for your pup too! Next, we’re thinking about getting one with the reverse colors- purple on top and red on bottom. Just so Nola can mix and match, a girl’s gotta have options! Maybe that one should be called the Alon (Nola reversed)?
bow5And if you have a boy dog, Little Bow Pup offers tons of ah-door-ah-ble bow ties like this one, and this one or this one. Nola bought her boyfriend Payson the Superhero one for Valentine’s Day. He’ll be getting it later today (hopefully his mom hasn’t read this yet!). We are sure he’s going to love it!

Oh, and did I mention there are also tutus? Make sure you go check out Little Bow Pup’s Etsy shop, Facebook page, and Pitlandia blog!

10 thoughts on “Nola’s New Accessory

  1. I love that! I have to admit, I wondered when I saw the flower why it was all solid colors, but I see how fantastic it looks with her collar. She looks absolutely stunning!

  2. Danielle, the bow ties looks awesome with that collar. A perfect pick and I am psyched she named it after Nola. Just gorgeous. I will check out her site and contact her because maybe Uncommon Paws needs to carry her stuff:-) Thanks again for sharing and it was wonderful to meet you in person.

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