REBLOG: Everything You Need To Know About Fostering

I didn’t get a chance to write a post for today, so I thought I would share one from my new fostering idols over at Temporary Home, Permanent Love. I heart all their posts, they are so insightful and right on about everything having to do with fostering, but this post in particular resonated with me. Enjoy, and if you aren’t following them, do it now!

Temporary Home, Permanent Love

Saying Goodbye to our Foster Dog

You will step in poop.  You’re also probably going to get some on your hands, because eventually you will use a bag with a tiny tear at the bottom that you won’t notice until it’s too late.

You will be a hero.

You will spend many sleepless nights as your foster dog learns to adjust to his new home.  You will have bags under your eyes, you’ll skip the gym, and you’ll gain 10 lbs.

Your foster dog will adore you despite what the scale says.

Your favorite shoes will be destroyed.  Your couch will be shredded.  Your clothes perpetually covered in dog hair.

People will look at you in awe as you tell them how you saved this dog’s life.

This adorable foster puppy is just waiting for his forever family to find him.

Your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram will convert from pictures of you at clubs and parties, to pictures of your foster dog.  Your friends will call you “the crazy dog…

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