Here’s another post about Anna I never got the chance to share before she was adopted. This was the first and LAST time Anna was off leash, as she seems to have an affinity for escaping and we just couldn’t take the chance of losing her! She was condemned to a life on a 30 ft. lead for most of her time with us. But, it didn’t seem to phase her much and hopefully with some more training in her forever home, she will be able to enjoy the freedom of being an off leash dog.

A couple weeks ago we took Anna for her first off leash play time that wasn’t in our backyard. AHR has a strict no off leash policy for any of its fosters, and with Anna not having much recall we didn’t risk it. But, we really value letting dogs run in an open area because it lets them expel energy that can not be gotten rid of on leash. We went to a sports complex that has several fences in baseball fields. The gates may or may not have been locked and the Mr. May or may not have lifted Anna over to get her in, but it was the perfect place. I brought a duck that had a slingshot on its beak and Anna loved it. Here are some action shots:
IMG_3001 IMG_3004 IMG_3009 IMG_3011 IMG_3006 IMG_3003IMG_3015IMG_3014As to not press our luck and get caught, we then put her on a 30′ lead and walked around the rest of the complex. We let her sniff and run and just enjoy a less structured walk. She did so well! We even threw in a quick recall training session! Anna was so happy and slept the entire rest of the day (which made it a good day for us too!)!

1 thought on “Freedom!

  1. Our poor pups are doomed to a life of on-leash playing. Why? Because I am a strict mom that is overly cautious. I have a fear of off-leash fines, strange dogs and anything and everything you can’t control. Real nice, huh? I have desperately wanted to sneak into a park or schoolyard though to let the pups run. Anna is such a pretty girl, I’m glad to see she was adopted and also had awesome foster parents who were up for adventures. 🙂

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