It’s been 5 days since Anna went to her forever home, and I haven’t been able to put aside all my emotions and write about dropping her off. I still have yet to write my letter to her, I just can’t find the words. So, in the mean time, over the next couple of days I‘m going to share several posts I wrote before the blog hiatus. 

Usually at the M&M&NK household we only have four legged houseguests, but in October we were thrilled when our friend from Tennessee came up for a visit. He stayed at our house because we were all going to a friend’s wedding that weekend. Well, we weren’t the only ones that were thrilled. Both dogs got some quality snuggle time with JYB.

The first night he was here, we had Anna’s obedience class. When the class was over, this is what we came home to:

It’s hard to tell who was more comfortable! Shortly after that, Anna got a turn getting some cuddles from JYB.

She snuggled right up to him, just minutes after they met. This is a true testament to Anna’s loving personality. She loves to cuddle with people more than anything in the world! It was nice for the pups to have a two legged visitor, and we were happy to see JYB too. It was a great weekend, a beautiful wedding and lots of attention for the pups.

5 thoughts on “Houseguest

  1. Can’t THANK you enough > yes Anna is in a VERY LOVING home > What could be better than 2 Daddies that love her > already spoiled with many squeaky toys that Mr & Mrs. Kisses put together for her Christmas stocking > Yes she does love cuddles and she sleeps with US every night > She has met many neighbors and our Mailman and has kisses for all she meets > After loosing my Love Indy I thank GOD every day for bringing Anna into our lives .

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