It’s Show Time…

When I am not blogging about dogs, volunteering for dog rescues or going to dog training classes, I am marketing a couple trade shows. My company owns a dozen different trade shows all over the country and I work on two commercial marine shows (think Deadliest Catch) and one food show (think Top Chef). Well, both commercial marine shows take place in the next month. I will be traveling to Seattle and then New Orleans, back to back, for two weeks. And, in the meantime I am super busy at work trying to get every person we can to come to the shows (oh, and there’s Thanksgiving just around the corner too)!

So why am I boring you with all this information? It’s to say that I need to take a break from the blogging for a bit. I am so stressed with work, and working with Anna on her training, and finding time for the Mr. and Nola, that the added stress of writing posts is making my life tough. I love blogging, but I feel like if I don’t have time to put quality posts together, it is not fun. I can’t come home after working 8 hours, walk the dogs, make dinner, do things around the house and then spend 1-2 hours writing a post.

Don’t worry, I will be back, just when I have more free time to dedicate to it. I might even have time to sneak in a post or two, but just not with any regularity. I love Mr. & Mrs. & Nola Kisses, and I hope that I am not disappointing you all. I really appreciate all your comments and the the support I’ve gotten since starting this blog. I will still update our Facebook page, so make sure to ‘like’ us if you haven’t already.

So, for me it’s show time….for the blog, it’s more like a time out.
Don’t forget that Anna is still available for adoption. We will not be taking a break from finding her a perfect forever home, so make sure to pass along the word, of if you’d like to adopt her fill out an application with Almost Home Rescue.

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