First Snow!

Although the calendar still says it’s fall, we got a bit of a Nor’easter last night. The first snow in Maine unofficially signals winter is not too far away. So, this morning I got out my winter boots and my iPhone to capture the dogs in the first snow of the season. It is easy to make assumptions about fosters (they had a rough life, they’ve never known love, etc.), so I am hesitant to say this is Anna’s first time in snow, but being from Mississippi, it’s probably safe to say this is her first encounter with any real accumulation of snow.
At first she seemed hesitant, I’m sure it was cold on her ‘Southern’ paws. But then she discovered just how fun it really is and her and Nola had a quick play session.

I took both dogs for their own separate walks so they could have a bit more time to enjoy it.
Nola has always loved snow, in fact we have a nickname for her just for the winter: Snow-la!
On one hand, I hope we will be able to see Anna enjoying more snow, but on the other hand, I am hoping it’s her forever family that gets to discover the joy of watching her go crazy in the white fluffy stuff!
Have your dogs ever experienced snow? Do they like it?

If you or someone you know would like to make snow angles with Anna all winter, fill out an application through Almost Home Rescue.

12 thoughts on “First Snow!

  1. We don’t get a lot of snow here in Portland but when we do, Maggie & Sadie are all zoomies, catching snowflakes & throwing the white stuff around. It’s rather adorable. Hurley, so far, has not been impressed by snow. He doesn’t not like it; he just doesn’t seem to notice it much. He’s weird.

    Looks like you guys got a good first dusting! I hope it’s a good winter and filled with snow zoomies!

  2. OMG so cute!!!! I love the video of Anna. I can’t believe it’s already that time of year when snow is falling. I have a feeling that Athena hasn’t had much experience with snow because we don’t get much here in Portland. Maybe this year we will get a big snow storm and Athena can really live it up like the Snow-la!

  3. Ha! Pepper LIVES for snow. I can’t get her to come back in when it snows. Summer, on the other hand, not so much. I guess that’s the life of a husky.

  4. I love Nola’s snowy nickname:) It must feel so weird for dogs to feel snow for the first time. I took my dogs to the snow last winter and they had a blast!

  5. I love the nickname, Snow-la! Ray was born in December, so this will be his second winter, officially. He really didn’t like the snow much last year. Also last winter he nearly always wore a coat or shirt and over the course of the summer has not worn clothes so he is not liking them much yet. We’ll see how cold he feels before we insist. As for me, I can live without it, for sure. 🙂

  6. We got just a light dusting, but when I let Laynie out this morning her nose went right to the ground and she kept circling around the yard, sniffing, and sniffing- everything. Although she hates rain, she didn’t seem to mind the snow. So, although I am not wishing for any more snow, I am anxious to see how Laynie will be when we get a significant amount of it.

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