Happy Gotcha Day Nola!

Today is Nola’s Gotcha Day. Two years ago, on the day before Halloween, we picked up a wiggly little puppy who was full of kisses. The Mr. and I had no idea what we were getting ourselves into or how much she would change our lives.
Over the past two years she has been an amazing dog who I can’t imagine living without. She is my best friend, my running buddy, my Friday work partner, my fur baby, the best slobbery kiss giver and the four legged love of my life. The Mr. and I would never have begun fostering dogs had it not been for her wonderful, easy going personality and how happy she has made us. Every day when I wake up with her right next to me I can’t help but smile and think how lucky I am to have her. She is my heart dog, and I am eternally grateful that she came into my life.

14 thoughts on “Happy Gotcha Day Nola!

  1. Hooray, Nola! We have loved following your story through your blog! I hope that Nola gets some extra special lovin’ and treats on her special day!

  2. Happy Gotcha Day Nola!!!!!!!!! Hope you and Anna have a good romp in the yard today! Love love love the picture of you in the beach… Very sophisticated!

  3. Awwww, and on the flip side…not to state the ‘obvious’ or anything; πŸ™‚ Nola is one lucky little girl too!!

  4. Happy gotcha day, though I am just meeting Miss Nola!
    Isn’t that so true that you never know how much they’ll change you?
    Two years ago I adopted our little Hades (my first dog ever) and one other pup later and three fosters and now my life is all things dog! Hence being a crazy dog blog lady…

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