The Anna Banana Song

I was looking for some inspiration for corny banana lines for a blog post about Anna, when I came across a song written by a young boy for the girl he loves, who just happens to share a moniker with our Anna Banana. I can’t get the song out of my head, and although it’s a love song, I think most of it applies to how we feel about our Banana too. Enjoy!

(Here are the lyrics in case you can’t quite understand everything he says)
Anna Banana by Derek Lorenzo

Anna ba-nana you’re my biggest crush
I don’t mean overweight
Means my heart turns to mush
A-nna ba-nana
You’re in my dreams
When I’m sleeping in class, your all I seen
A-nna ba-nana
Banana babe, I like you a lot.
A-nna ba-nana
Like a cute little plant in a big red pot.

Anna Banana!
I love you a bunch!
I’ll dance like your monkey if we go out for lunch.
Anna Banana, baby
I love you a lot.
Not once, not twice, not thrice, it’s more than four!
You’re a fried banana baby
‘Coz you are so hot!!

A-nna Banana!
Said the voices in my head
We go together like jam goes on bread
A-nna Banana
I keep saying your name
You are in my brain it’s like I’m going insane.
Like the rain in Spain on a horse’s mane
Fly like a crane to escape the pain
and I ride the train, eat some grain
cootchie cootchie coo you got me smiling again!

Anna Banana!
I love you a bunch.
I’ll dance like your monkey if we go out for lunch
Anna Banana, baby.
I love you a lot
Note once, not twice, not thrice
It’s more than four!
You’re a fried banana, baby
‘Coz you are so hot…
If you like our ‘Banana babe’ a lot, fill out an application for her through Almost Home Recuse.

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