‘Uncommonly’ Awesome

I neglected to buy Anna a new collar when he first came to stay with us. She wore our generic ‘rescued’ collar that I got for our temporary fosters at Target. When it was clear she was going to be here for the long haul, I started shopping around. I remembered seeing a beautiful display of collars from Uncommon Paws at Camp Bow Wow when I dropped Nola off at daycare. They are a local company, made right here in Portland, so I looked around on their website for weeks trying to decide if I should buy one for Anna. When I recently got a coupon for 20% off and free shipping I decided now was the time and not only got one for Anna, but for Nola too!

I chose the Paperweights pattern in the 1.5 inch size because it came in blue and brown, so Nola and Anna could match.
I got Nola a buckle because they require it at daycare. It is high quality and the nickel hardware makes it so beautiful! (Apparently Nola’s right side is her ‘good side’!)
Anna got a martingale because she can pull wiggle her way out of a regular buckle.
The blue looks great on Anna’s dark brown fur and the brown brings out the gold tones in Nola. I love that both collars have lots of purples and reds and although they are different, they look like they go together.
Because the company is local, the collars were hand delivered to my house in this beautiful packaging.
If you’re looking for new collars for your pups, I highly recommend Uncommon Paws. Their website has TONS of different patterns (many are Maine inspired, which I love) including holiday styles.There are also neckties for boy dogs! I can’t stress enough how beautiful these collars are. The colors are vibrant, the material and hardware is high quality and I think the dogs know how beautiful they make them look.
Anna would love to show you her new collar in person! If you are interested in adopting her, fill out an application with Almost Home Rescue.

6 thoughts on “‘Uncommonly’ Awesome

  1. I am definitely going to check out their website. I am always looking for good sources of unique collars for Ray.
    The girls look fabu in their new collars.

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