It’s Official- Foster #2

I apologize for the lack of blogging last week, but Nola, the Mr. and I were adjusting to being a two dog household again. Anna Banana is officially our second long term foster.

As you may remember from this post, she was supposed to be a two day hold. But, after meeting her we were tentative about the family who was already ‘approved’ to adopt her. They had three young children and Anna has no house manners. They came to our house for a meet and greet and we discussed what was best for Anna and what was best for the family. The Mr. and I were convinced that after they saw how excitable Anna was and how much she was in the children’s faces (only for kisses, but that can be scary to young kids), that they would recognize that is was not a good match. Well, we were wrong- they wanted her. We were shocked, and concerned. We strongly believe that Anna needs to go through some obedience and should not be around small children under 5 years old. It took a couple phone calls and emails to the rescue stating our case to get the situation resolved. In the end, we are happy they listened to our opinion, and even though we were not anticipating another foster pup at this time, we are committed to help find her perfect forever family.

So here we are, two weeks later. I would be lying if I said it’s been easy. First, I can’t stop comparing her to Laynie. I don’t know why, I love them both, but it’s so hard not to! It’s always “Laynie did that too” or “Laynie learned that more quickly.” It’s unfair to Anna, but their personalities are so similar I can’t help it!

Second, we’re having a hard time determining how she is around other dogs. She has been ok around Nola, but Nola is extremely tolerant and submissive. Anna is a wicked puller on a leash as it is, so whenever she sees another dog it just intensifies. After a couple of intense incidents, we have just been avoiding any encounters with other dogs. It seems as though if the dog ignores her, Anna is fine. But if the dog starts barking or starts to pull toward her, it gets her worked up so we have just been trying to avoid getting to that point.

Also, Nola’s not loving having another foster sister. After Laynie we said we wanted to try a male foster pup next, since Nola seems to love the boys! She is being very tolerant and patient, but since she is just coming off her long recovery from her ACL injury we have to keep the playing to a minimum.  Anna is pushy and plays rough so that is not an easy task. Everything has to be separate, walks, potty breaks, feeding, you name it. It also means that the Mr. and I haven’t been able to spend as much ‘family’ time together with the pups.We are used to taking Nola for long walks on the beach or in the woods together, but since Anna can’t be off leash or around other dogs we have to split the walks. He takes one and I take the other. Not so fun.

The Mr. was also away all last week so I had the two dogs on my own. That meant for 4 days I got up at 6 am to walk Anna before she went in crate, then I fed both of them, then went to work, came home at lunch to walk the pups (separately), went back to work, and then came home to feed and walk the pups again. Needless to say I was tired.

But, as tough as it’s been, we’ve also fallen in love. Anna is a sweet, wonderful dog. She gives Nola a run for her money in the quality and quantity of kisses. She is an excellent snuggler and she even snorts when she’s happy to see you, which is pretty much all the time. She does need some work on her manners, but she is going to bring so much joy to someone when she finds the perfect home. We are excited to help her on this journey and hope we will find her the forever home she deserves.

If you want to be Anna’s forever family, fill out an application through Almost Home Rescue.

7 thoughts on “It’s Official- Foster #2

  1. Maybe it wasn’t in “the plan,” but how exciting to have another foster dog! I know you’re going to find her the perfect furever family, good for you for trusting your gut, and good for the rescue for taking your opinion into account. Sounds like Anna just needs some good old fashion socialization around other dogs. We did a Relaxed Rovers class with Cooper to help him with his reactivity on a leash, it gave us some good tools to help him learn what is “appropriate” behavior around other dogs. I can’t wait to follow Anna’s progress, good luck!

  2. Oh it sounds like it’s been a little hectic for you, but I admire your ability to recognize when a dog isn’t the right fit for a family. I’m sure you guys will do a great job training her and showing her how to be a well-behaved lady 🙂

  3. She’s a beautiful dog! Hopefully everything settles down soon. It is tough when things need to be done separately. I miss the times when we’ve had a foster who can take a potty break with Gambit and play with him all day- it was so easy! Right now, Eddie’s pretty strong for me if he sees something exciting (though usually very well mannered) and Gambit’s nose goes too crazy.

  4. It might help Nola if you put Anna on tie-down (i.e. attach her leash to a doorknob so she has a set space to move around). We do that with Polly when she is getting too rambunctious. We just put her bed in her tiedown area with a toy to chew on and that has taught her about “quiet time.” This way, Nola can have quiet time with you and get used to being around her foster sibling without Anna being in her face or being pushy with “foster mom” time. Aleks at Love and a Six-Foot Leash taught us about that and it has been a lifesaver since Turk doesn’t really like any of his foster siblings! 🙂

  5. You are SO, SO, AWESOME! It’s so important to be verbal about concerns like that. The last thing you want is to have them adopt her and and have an expected issue arrise and they give her back. I really do applaud you on that, especially since you also stepped up to foster her in the process! Having just spent five days on my own with two dogs, I can feel your exhaustion! To Emily’s point, the tie down saved my sanity (and Melvin’s)!

  6. You’re doing great with your 2nd foster, even though it was unexpected. Mushroom is leash-reactive too, and L takes them for separate walks at lunch.

    It’s not surprising that the family wanted Anna anyway – it can be very hard to realize that a dog is not right for your situation if they’re in front of you, wiggling and giving kisses. We adopted Badger sight-unseen, and we always tell ourselves how lucky we are, but now we know to always meet a dog before making that decision.

    Hopefully Anna will learn her manners quickly and find a forever home!

  7. I’m glad that things are going well with the new foster…besides your exhaustion last week! Anna is very lucky to have you as her foster family!

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