A Friend in Need

Today I am posting on behalf of one of my friends Shelley, and one of Nola’s friends, her dog, Payson. Shelley and Payson have been walking buddies for Nola and I since last winter. Nola loves him. Even though he is a bit of a DINOS, he tolerates Nola and her puppy energy as she jumps all over him all the time. He is about twice Nola’s size, but plays so gentle with her. She absolutely loves him.

It’s been a while since we have been able to walk with this gentle giant. A few months ago he had TPLO surgery to fix a ruptured ACL. It was 8 weeks of tranquilizers, pain killers, and no exercise whatsoever. It was tough on both Payson and Shelley. Finally, in the middle of July he was able to take short walks again. Things were finally looking up. Until last week when he started limping on the other leg. Turns out he needs ANOTHER TPLO surgery. Poor guy.

So, I ask all you dog loving people out in the blog world, if you can, please help Shelley and Payson. Shelley is desperate to do the best thing for Payson, but financially it is a struggle. If it was just the surgery, it might be different, but Payson has had chronic medical problems all of his short three years of life. Sometimes they are at the vet once a week treating everything from skin issues, to digestive issues, and now the ACL issues. She created a website and a way to donate help pay for his surgery. Here is a little bit about him in Shelley’s words:

“Our 3-year-old Lab/Boxer Payson means the world to us. We are looking forward to the day when Payson can finally run in an open field, swim in open water, and play with all of his dog friends without suffering in pain. This is an extremely expensive procedure that will be a challenge for us to pay in full in just the next two weeks. As dog lovers, we would be forever grateful for any contribution that you can make to help us get Payson on the road to recovery.”

We (as the dog loving, fostering, rescue community) spend a lot of time volunteering, raising money, and spreading the word about the dogs in rescues and shelters, but sometimes family dogs need the support of kind strangers too. Please consider helping by spreading the word or donating. Shelley, Payson, Nola and I would be extremely grateful.

Here is the link to Payson’s site to donate or share hos story: http://payson.webs.com/

P.S. These beautiful photos were taken by Liz Donnelly, the same photographer who did Nola’s glamour shots!

13 thoughts on “A Friend in Need

  1. I’ll head over and donate some cash! You might want to also let your friend know that most vets will set up payment plans (through products like Care Credit) for people who can’t pay in full at the time of treatment. 🙂 My first foster, Ginger Rogers, just had a pretty bad medical scare and her vill was over $3,500.00. Her owners didn’t have the cash available, so they set up a payment plan. It’s not ideal, but it can be done!

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