Dogs in Hot Cars

Since I have become a ‘dog mom’ I have noticed that on hot days I LOOK for cars with dogs in them. Obviously, I hope that I don’t see any, but this summer I have found too many. I have called the police when necessary, and each time I see a dog in a car it angers and upsets me. Where is the common sense? Why do people do it? Most dogs like car rides, so why wouldn’t you take them along, right? Wrong! When it’s hot, a car, even with a window open, is no place for a dog. There are several graphics, like the one below, that have circulated Facebook illustrating how hot a car gets in a very short amount of time.

Even though with my car I have the ability to leave it fully running with the AC on when I take my key out (it’s one of those handy dandy magnet keys that you just stick in the ignition and don’t have to actually turn it), I try not to be hypocritical and don’t take Nola with me when I am going shopping somewhere like Target during the summer months (I could spend HOURS there). On the occasion that she comes with me to run to the grocery store or other short-ish errands, I don’t feel bad about leaving her in the car because she is nice and cool. But, since I have seen so many dogs in cars lately, I don’t want people to freak out (like I might do) and think that Nola was left in the car with the windows shut. To prevent someone from smashing my window to rescue Nola unnecessarily, I came up with the idea of putting this sign on my dashboard.

If I was concerned about a dog, went up to the car to investigate, saw this sign and confirmed the car was indeed running, I would be ok leaving the dog. What do you think? Is this a good solution? Has anyone else seen anything like this?

8 thoughts on “Dogs in Hot Cars

  1. I think that’s a great idea. If I had that feature in my car I would totally do the same thing. Thankfully I live in an area of town where I’m extremely close to everything, so I don’t find myself in situations often when I would need to leave the boys in the car. You’re right, I can’t believe some people actually do leave dogs in hot cars…do they not feel how hot it is when they get back inside??

    Love your nails, BTW!! šŸ™‚

  2. I don’t take Foz at all. He is all black and we don’t have air in the car so he stays at home in the air. I look also though. Foz just gets too hot too fast even when he’s outside so his walks are done very early in the morning and he doesn’ t play outside until after 7pm he just can’t stand the heat. But I do like your idea if you have air.

  3. That sign on your dashboard is AWESOME. And never stop calling people out on leaving their dogs in hot cars and calling the police when need be. The more people start to say something and stigmatize this behavior, the less it will happen. People tie their dogs up in the city in the heat all of the time and I’m not one bit afraid to call them out and shame them into never doing it again!

  4. My pup loves to go for car rides so I try to go only places that I can make quick stops (less than 5 minutes) or the gas station where I can roll down the windows and park in the shade and just run in for the 2 or 3 minutes it takes to pay for gas. However, I once stopped at the corner store for some dinner stuff, I left the truck running took the automatic lock with me and locked the car. He was happy as could be, as I was paying some lady came in and asked to use the phone because there was a dog in a car and it was hot. I told her that it was my dog and that the truck was running with AC on, I was like couldn’t you tell the truck was running she just gave me a dirty look and walked away. I think I might make up one of these signs for those quick stops.

  5. Brilliant! I often do the same, leave the car running. I never enjoy a single one of those necessary errands as I’m always worried someone will bust the window on my running car and Melvin cut himself on the glass and then run away or that the car will click off for some random reason! Do our dogs know how much we fret for them?! Problem is, they LOVE coming with us!

  6. With temps in the 100s by 9 am in KC, I haven’t been able to take our dogs in the car ANYWHERE! The sign is a nice idea though – it would definitely make me feel better if I saw it! šŸ™‚

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