Nola Muffin Monday: My Pal Zoe

Over the weekend Mommy and Daddy brought home another dog, Zoe. She is a really small dog, and she kind of looked like a mix between one of those cat things that don’t want to play with me, and one of my stuffies.

At first I was nervous she was going to play with my toys stay for a long time, but Mommy assured me it was only for the weekend. I had met Zoe before, at Mommy’s boss’s house when we hiked the mountain with all the kids. Mommy reminded me that because Zoe is her boss’s dog I had to be nice so she wouldn’t get fired. I don’t know what a boss is or how you get fired (isn’t fire that red hot stuff that smells like sticks?), but I assured Mommy I would be good.

I was hoping Zoe would play with me, since I have lots of energy because I haven’t been on many walks with my hurt leg. But, all she wanted to do was lay around. She didn’t even react to my best play bow! I think she is old or something, because she walked really slow and all she wanted to do was lay on the floor or the couch by Mommy and Daddy.  And man, did she have stinky breath!

The first night went ok, she is too little to jump on the human bed, so she slept on the floor. I thought for sure she would play with me the next day since she was all rested, so I was excited when Daddy got out the mowing machine. She must love to bark at it and chase it like I do! Just when I was getting ready to show Zoe how to run down the ramp off the deck (Pepere made that for me so I wouldn’t hurt my leg with the stairs, but I think it’s really fun to run and jump off of it!) at the mowing machine, Daddy blocked off the stairs with a chair. I don’t know why he always does that, he knows I can’t get thorough it! Imagine my surprise when Zoe took one look at the chair barricade, walked right under it, down the ramp and plopped in the grass! She escaped and didn’t even go after the mowing machine. What kind of dog is she?

You know what else? Mommy and Daddy kept picking Zoe up and carrying her places. Man, I hate that. They told me it was because she’s old and it’s hard for her to walk, but I don’t buy it. She just wants attention. I tried to jump up on their legs and walk right at their feet to let them know I do not like when they pick up other dogs. I don’t really like it when they pick me up, but even though I don’t like it, they shouldn’t do it with other dogs. That’s just not right.

I tried a few more times to play with her, but then I gave up. Mommy said I did a good job and that I was very respectful when Zoe would ignore me. I don’t think I got Mommy fired, but I just hope I’m not that boring when I get old.

Oh, and Zoe wasn’t the only dog I had got to visit with this weekend. Can you guess who I saw on Saturday? Mommy says she won’t make me write about it (I wasn’t all that thrilled about the meeting anyway) and that she would post about it tomorrow.

7 thoughts on “Nola Muffin Monday: My Pal Zoe

  1. “I just hope I’m not that boring when I’m old”, seriously just spit out wine reading that! Thanks for the awesome post Nola! Glad mom is still employed!

  2. Too funny…why is it that they get so agitated when another dog is being carried? It’s like it’s suddenly not a dog anymore, but some thing that they must IMMEDIATELY check out… 🙂

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