Dog Sitting Sockeye

A couple weekends ago we dog sat a yellow lab named Sockeye overnight for a work friend of mine. You might be thinking, “Sockeye, what a strange name.” Well, my friend’s last name is Salmon, like the fish, and Sockeye is a type of salmon. Cute, right?

Well even cuter than her name is Sockeye’s personality. She is so mellow, loving and funny! She loved Nola’s pool.
She loved the hose.
She loved the car.
She loved being loved.
She slept in our room on Nola’s dog bed (Nola got to sleep in our bed, of course), but the second Jim got up to use the bathroom Sockeye jumped right up into his spot. She put her head right on my pillow and started snoring. When Jim came back in the room he took one look at Nola by my feet and Sockeye in his spot and went out to the living room to sleep on the couch. That is true dog love!

We loved having another dog in the house, it definitely scratched our fostering itch for the weekend. It also made me realize that two dogs isn’t so much work when their personalities fit well together. Sockeye is six years old and mellow, and she was a good compliment to Nola’s hyper two year old personality. Laynie and Nola were so much work because they were both high energy and I always had to watch them. Even going outside to go potty they had to be separated or they wouldn’t do their business. It was just the opposite with Nola and Sockeye. They enjoyed each others company, but went about their own ways. Hopefully our next foster will mesh with Nola little better and two dogs will be a cinch.

As for Sockeye, she can come back anytime!

6 thoughts on “Dog Sitting Sockeye

  1. Hmm, a lab loved the water huh? How strange! LOL Multiple dogs totally depend on the dogs…we’ve had six different dogs along with Oscar (eight if you count ones we’ve dog-sat) and every dynamic is different. I think that’s one of the fun parts of fostering! 🙂

  2. Such an adorable name!!!! And as fun and easy as Sockeye was, your friend was so unbelievable LUCKY to have somone like you to take care of her beloved pup.

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