Our Favorite Things

Nola is a spoiled pup. Because I love to shop and I don’t have children, Nola gets new things all the time. From toys to collars to accessories, I buy it all. So, I feel like I am a bit of an expert when it comes to making recommendations about different products. Here are a few that made the cut:

The Buddy System: Last summer I started running with Nola. We started with short distances, just a half mile, then worked our way up. But, a regular leash wasn’t cutting it. It was too hard to hold on to the leash while concentrating on running. I found the Buddy System at my favorite local pet store, Planet Dog, and we love it. It took some getting used to for Nola. I had to train her to stay next to me and not to run too fast and pull me. Now she is a pro and every time I get the belt out she knows we’re going for a run!

Dublin Dog Collar: Nola loves water, mud, sand and pretty much anything that can make her dirty or wet. For that reason, I wash Nola’s collars once a week because they get so wet and stinky or are just plain dirty. I bought her this waterproof no-stink collar a couple of weeks ago and I love it. Through several trips to the beach, swims in the lake and walks in the rain it’s held up. We’ve even gotten comments about how pretty it is! No mess. No wet. No problem!

Muffinhead Jacket: It gets pretty cold in Maine in the winter. Nola has very short fur and her belly basically is bare. But, she loves the snow! So we needed to get her a warm jacket that wouldn’t bug her too much (to my dismay, she is not a pup that like to wear clothes as accessories).  A friend from high school started this company out in the other Portland- Portland, OR. I contacted her last winter and asked if she would make my Muffin one of her Muffinhead jackets. They are all custom made, from recycled materials. I think Nola’s was made from a sleeping bag. It is water proof on the outside and it’s lined with comfy warm fleece on the inside.  Nola loves it! And, we love that they use a pit bull in their logo!

Doctors Foster and Smith bed: Recently I wrote about Nola’s new bed. She loves the comfort of it, I love the durability. Laynie had a few accidents on the bed, along with some vomiting after her spay and there were plenty of muddy paws prints all over it, but washing the cover is a cinch.

Best Bully Sticks (6in Odor Free):  Nola loves to chew. We read that rawhide wasn’t good for puppies and Caesar Milan recommend bully sticks in his puppy book. So we tried them. But they stunk, bad. We discovered the odor free variety and now Nola, and our noses are both happy. Best Bully Sticks is great, with fast shipping and the best pricing we have found anywhere.

Rubit Dog Tag Clip:  I am a collar junkie. I buy Nola collars for every season, holiday, and just for fun. Changing her tags when just on a regular O ring was getting frustrating. So I purchased the Rubit Dog Tag clip. It has been a life saver. Now, every time I switch her collar (which is a lot, especially since recently I purchased the Dublin Dog Collar, see above, for when she swims) I just unclip the tags and move them to the next collar. We’ve had the same clip for almost a year and through running, swimming, mudding, daycare, etc. it has stayed intact with no lost tags!

Other things we love:
Zuke’s mini naturals: Great training tool. Nola loves peanut butter or chicken.
Kong (obviously): Who doesn’t like these things?
Chuck it: Because I throw like a girl.
Chew Gourmet Dog Bones: A new found love.

Things we want to try:
Molly Mutt covers: Several of my dog blog friends have them and they are beautiful!
Sirius Republic Collar: I got one for Laynie and loved it, but I’m waiting for a purple floral-y one to be available for Nola!

Does anyone else have products you love or suggestions for things we should try?

7 thoughts on “Our Favorite Things

  1. You had me at ‘I love to shop’! And now I shall spend the day buying half of these things (since half of them we already own). And I agree, the Rubit Clip is a must for those of us obsessed with purchasing collars! No more broken nails trying to get those tags on and off!

  2. We also LOVE the Rubit clip and agree that odor free bully sticks are the only way to go!!!! If there is one thing I truly can’t live without when it comes to Mazzie it’s her Leerburg Prong Collar leash. I know, the name makes the leash sound evil, but it’s not. The leash has two clips at the end – I attach one to Mazzie’s head collar and the other to her Martingale collar with her tags. This way, if the head collar snaps apart or the leash hardware fails in one instance (both of which have happened to me personally and I’ve witnessed countless times in my neighborhood), the other clip will be there to fall back on. Given how big and strong my girl is, I was always worried about equipment failure and thankfully am not anymore as a result of this leash .

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