Nola Muffin Monday: Sleeping A-Round

One of the first things we bought Nola as a puppy was a bed. It was round and red and she thought it was very comfy.

She loved it so much, we put it in her crate hoping it would help her learn to like being in there.

And we brought it everywhere, from car rides to the office.

But then she got too big for the round red bed. She tried really hard to fit in it, but we knew it was time for it to be retired when she looked like this when laying in it:

Because we are true Mainers and we love our Maine made goods, we decided to buy her a large square L.L.Bean bed.

She liked it, but she mostly went on it to chew her toys or eat her Kong. She didn’t sleep on it nearly as much as she did the round bed. We figured it was probably because she prefers to sleep curled up in a ball with some support from a pillow or a blanket. She is a nestler, and part of her sleeping routine always includes circling the area she is going to lay down in to find the right spot. After weeks of researching different types of beds, comparing pricing, and shopping around to find the perfect height and shape, we settled on the Double Deep Slumber Nest from Doctors Foster and Smith. And we got it in red. At first she was unsure:

Would this bed live up to her beloved little round red bed?

It took her a little bit, but now she loves her big red round bed.There’s even room for Peter and her blankies in there!

Through the research and trial and error with dog bed purchasing we have discovered that Nola definitely prefers to sleep a-round.

3 thoughts on “Nola Muffin Monday: Sleeping A-Round

  1. Nola looks SUPER pleased with herself all snuggled up in her new bed with Peter Rabbit and her blankies. And it’s TOO funny how she kept trying to fit herself into the bed she had outgrown … the look on her face in that photo is priceless.

    I love that Nola likes blankies and takes them to bed with her. My Mazzie does the same thing with her “binky blankies,” as I affectionately call them. Also, whenever a guest arrives, Mazzie runs to get her binky blankie du jour and parades around showing it off. It makes me laugh every time.

    And I love the pictures of Nola as a little pup!

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