My Letter to Laynie

While trying to find some closure on my fostering experience, I remembered the blog that inspired me to foster in the first place, Love and a Six Foot Leash, wrote letters to their foster pups when they found their forever homes. I decided to try it, and this is what I came up with:

Dear Laynie,

I remember the day we picked you up like it was yesterday. It was late in the evening when we arrived at your first foster home and you were chasing the cats and running from room to room. I wasn’t sure what to make of you, and you could have cared less about us. We corralled you and leashed you up and off we went, starting a new adventure together. You came right with us, trusting that things would be ok. In the car you were curious and wouldn’t sit still. When we finally got home you were still crazy. You had more energy than Foster Dad and I knew what to do with. That first night you just didn’t stop!

Our first full day together was when I got to see your real personalty. I could tell that although you didn’t seem to have much training, you were so willing to please and so smart. As the days went by you tried so hard to learn to do everything we asked of you. We appreciated how fast you learned to ‘wait’ by the door, for food, and just when we needed you to stay in one place. You worked really hard on ‘down’ and ‘leave it’ and you almost got them! Walking on a leash was a little challenging for you, but you hung in there as Foster Mom and Dad tried to help show you what we wanted. And through it all you never stopped wagging your tail.

It was so amazing watching your transformation even over these two short months. Your coat become more shiny, your nails got trimmed, your ears cleaned, we made sure you wouldn’t have any more babies, and we made sure you knew what it felt like to be loved unconditionally. What a difference we saw in you! It was such a joy watching your pure, unfiltered happiness in all the new experiences we exposed you to. I’m so glad we got to show you the beach, and the river, and even our kiddie pool in the back yard. Maybe you were a fish in a previous life because you seemed to be your happiest when you were in the water.

The thing I am going to miss the most about not having you here is all the snuggling we did together. You were such a snuggle bug! I loved when you pawed at the blanket asking me to lift it up so you could come under and curl up with me. My favorite time of the day was every morning after you ate when we spent time snuggling on the couch before I got ready for work.I know we didn’t let you sleep on the bed the whole time you were here, but the last couple nights when I caved and let you up with us were the best. Even though you snored right in my ear, I couldn’t have been happier having you cuddle with me.

There are a few things I want you to try to remember as you settle into your new home. First, try and be calm. I know there is a cat and a rabbit that live there too, but leave them be. They don’t want to play! Also, please try and keep working on not pulling P and A down the street while you are walking on the leash. They are little and you are strong! And the last thing is always remember that people love your kisses and whole body tail wags. You are so good at sharing your happiness with everyone around you, so make sure you do it everyday!

Laynie, you came to us as an underweight, over stimulated, untrained crazy dog. We weren’t sure what we were getting ourselves into with you. You were bouncing off the walls, pulled the crap out of us on the leash, and drove Nola crazy. But once you settled in, we really got to see what a wonderful dog you are. Although it wasn’t always easy, having you in our home as part of our family for the past two months was absolutely amazing. You were our first foster dog and you really dug deep into our hearts. We will see you again, but probably not for a while, so we hope you continue to adjust well to your forever life. You made an impression, monkey, and we will never forget you. We will always love you and are so happy you were a part of our lives.

Foster Mom, Foster Dad and Nola

8 thoughts on “My Letter to Laynie

  1. Thank you so much for loving Laynie! Her life has changed because of you, and your heartbreak has obviously made the difference for her to be safe and loved forever. On a snuggle note, apparently she passed down the snuggle gene to all her pups because they have all reported being the BIGGEST snugglers ever! In fact, Mavis got adopted almost on her snuggle capacity alone!

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