Farewell Tour Continued…and Mom’s Day

The second stop on Laynie’s Farewell Tour this weekend was Fuller Farm. We have been taking her there since we started fostering her a couple months ago and we wanted to make sure we took her there one last time.

Then we made the third stop on The Tour at my parents’ house for Mother’s Day. Laynie had been a couple times before, but not with my whole extended family there. It was a beautiful day and both her and Nola had a great time. They played in the pool (my parent’s babysit Nola a lot so they have a pool at their house too).

And slept on the deck in the sun.

It was a little too hot for Nola, so she sought out some shade behind one of the outdoor couches.

And then Laynie thought that was a good idea and tried to get some shade under the table.

And they both tried out the chair.

Laynie has become a wonderful ambassador for pit bulls. Whenever anyone asked what she was, I was proud to say that she was a pit bull. I think some of my family members were surprised at how calm, loving and well behaved she was. Many of them have probably never met a pit bull, or like me before we got Nola, had a negative image of them that stemmed from ignorance and the media’s portrayal of the breed. I’m happy they all met her once before she goes to her forever home.

It also occurred to me as we celebrated all the moms in my family, that Delaynie is a mom, too. It still shocks me that people don’t spay their pups and they can have babies so young. I bet Laynie was a great mom. She probably snuggled those puppies so much! And by the looks of her belly, she fed them well! Three of her four puppies, Hazzard, Kink and Mavis, are still in foster homes and are available for adoption though B.U.R.N.

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