Nola Muffin Monday: Rattlesnake Adventure

This weekend I got a text from my boss (from here on she’ll be referred to as BL-boss lady) asking if we wanted to go up to her lake house and go for a hike. At first I wasn’t sure because we had planned to take the pups down to the river. But, Laynie’s kennel cough flared up again Saturday and we thought it was best if she rested Sunday. So Nola and I were off to hike Rattlesnake Mountain with BL and her kiddos.

Two of the kids had met Nola while she was at work with me one Friday and couldn’t stop talking about her to BL. One of the ways I like to introduce kids to Nola is to have them make her sit and then give her treats. It’s a good way to keep Nola calm as well as show the kids that the she won’t hurt them and that they are in charge. BL’s kiddos were so impressed at Nola’s high five trick that we knew we had to get them together again so it was nice that this trip worked out.

Nola and I drove up to Raymond and met at BL’s lake house. We packed up the kids and drove about a mile down the road to Rattlesnake Mountain I decided to keep Nola on leash hike because I wasn’t sure what the leash rule was there, and when we showed up there were a bunch of little kids. I was glad I did because we passed a couple that said they had just seen a moose! We didn’t see any, but I’m not sure what Nola would have done if she saw a huge moose. She thinks all 4 legged animals want to play, and ones that big with hooves could have spelled disaster.

Nola did great the whole way up, she didn’t pull at all. The kiddos took turn holding the leash on the parts that weren’t too steep. We made it all the way to the top and enjoyed the view of Panther pond and Crescent Lake.

When we got back to the lake house we all ate lunch and hung out on the dock. Nola took a swim and chased stick the kids threw for her. It was a great afternoon and I had one tired puppy when we got home.

4 thoughts on “Nola Muffin Monday: Rattlesnake Adventure

  1. Great job introducing kids to Nola (and vice versa)! One time at Petsmart, a kid came up and asked if she could pet Badger. It made our day, since people (even adults!) tend to forget to ask first.

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