Nola Muffin Monday: Toy Story

I already wrote about how much we love toys in our house. But to make you understand just how much, I am going to share a somewhat embarrassing fact about us. Jim and I name Nola’s toys.

This is Peter (Rabbit):

Peter is Nola's baby, the reason why he is in the best shape of the bunch.


Seymore the turtle was a Christmas gift from Memere and Pepere (my parents).

James (as in James Bond):

Jim named him not after himself, but the secret agent because of the tuxedo he is wearing.


The yellow lab reminded of us the movie we can no longer watch since we got Nola because it makes us sad.

Harry Elephante (El-e-fant-ay):

Wish we could take credit for the name, but we got it from Marcel the Monkey on Friends.

Al E. Gator:

Al has seen better days. He was one of the first toys Laynie got a hold of.


Can you guess how Chewy got his name? This was Nola's very first toys and one of the ways we found out she was a tough chewer. He used to have ears and a tail in his younger days.

And Piggy:

This is actually Piggy, Jr. The first Piggy got both ears chewed off and lost an arm.

And these are just a few of Nola’s many toys that live in the basket in our living room. I know they aren’t super original names, but it keeps us entertained. Are we the only crazy ones people that name our dog’s toys?!

6 thoughts on “Nola Muffin Monday: Toy Story

  1. That is hysterical! Melvin doesn’t like soft toys but my previous dog did and my names were not nearly as creative as yours. They included: Greenie. Pinky. Blue Guy. Yeah, sad. Your names are much better!

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