Adoptability Factor 3: Snuggle Bug

As you already know, Laynie is smart as a whip and cute as a button. So what other idiom can I use to describe her? Well, she is a serious snuggle bug. She takes every opportunity she can to snuggle with Nola, and when she is not bugging loving on foster sis’ she is right next to me. Her favorite spot after our evening walk is wedged in between me and the back of the couch, most of the time smushing her face in the pillow.

Her other favorite snuggling position is on her back.

She even lays like that when she’s not snuggling.

As you can see, Laynie would be the perfect member of any family that would like a smart, cute, snuggly dog. How can anyone resist that happy face?

If you’re interested in adopting Delaynie please fill out an application with BURN. If you would like more information about her, email me at:

2 thoughts on “Adoptability Factor 3: Snuggle Bug

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