Tennis Ball Problem? Laynie’s the Solution

Do you have an abundance of tennis balls laying around your house? Delaynie can take care of that for you. She is a master at destroying those pesky green, blue, orange, and pink felt balls.

She’s so skilled in the destruction that she leaves the pieces behind and doesn’t eat them.

Even extra-large tennis balls are no match for this chewer.

So, if you have some excess tennis balls, Delaynie is happy to take them off your hands. And, she does it with a smile on her face.
If you’re interested in adopting Delaynie please fill out an application with BURN. If you would like more information about her, email me at:

5 thoughts on “Tennis Ball Problem? Laynie’s the Solution

  1. Oh my gosh, Delanie! My foster pup does the exact same thing! She is banned from all stuffies, and tennis balls are only allowed when she’s supervised, haha. We have about 10 nylabones scattered around the house at all times, because it’s the only thing she can’t destroy!

  2. That look on Delaynie’s face in the last photo with the pink and green super size tennis ball is TOO MUCH. That face screams pure joy and bliss! What a happy (and lucky) girl. My dog does the exact same thing to tennis balls and pretty much any plush toy. Thankfully I’ve finally found a few things that can withstand her power chewing!

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