Big Weekend Happenings!

Delaynie had a BIG couple of days this past weekend. Since her spay incision is all healed and she is no longer restricted to on-leash walks only, on Saturday morning we decided to go all out and take the dogs to Fuller Farm for a run. After more than an hour running in the field, the woods and the mud, both pups were tired and happy. Laynie seemed to be so happy to get some of that pent up I-have-to-stay-calm-after-my-surgery energy out, and Nola is always happy whenever she can run.

Later in the day Saturday, Jim and I brought Laynie to her first adoption event at Planet Dog in Portland. I also volunteer through Almost Home Rescue of New England and they were nice enough to let us piggy back on their event. Laynie was so well behaved. She sniffed all the dogs she met, let lots of people pet her and she walked around the store exploring. Only a couple of people showed interest in her, but it was just nice to see that she is great in a busy environment with lots of dogs, people and kids. We are planning to take her to another one in a couple of weeks at PetLife, and hopefully someone will fall in love with the little monkey.

Laynie sporting her new "Adopt Me" vest.

Then, when we got home Delaynie had a package. It was her new collar from Sirius Republic! She didn’t waste any time and tried it out for a nap. I think she likes it, and she looks beautiful! On Sunday after another long run, we had a trainer come by and give us some tips on how to help Laynie walk better on a leash. She is such a fast learner (she has already learned to sit and wait, which I will write about later) and so eager to please, we just have to learn how to communicate what we want her to do. We will be practicing “watch me” in which we give her a treat every time she looks up at as so she will learn to pay attention to us while we walks. The other one we need to practice is “leave it.” To teach her this we will work on putting a yummy treat in between our feet and rewarding her when she doesn’t try to go after it. This is important so she learns that when she sees a squirrel or a bird, she must keep walking and not try to chase it.

The trainer also introduced Laynie to a couple of her dogs, and watched how she played with Nola. She said that the little monkey is great with other dogs and when she plays with Nola she is perfectly well behaved. We just have to continue to monitor her and make sure she doesn’t get too overexcited while playing. It was great to have someone reinforce that Delaynie is such a great dog!

It was a busy weekend, but Laynie showed us that she is easy going and well behaved in a number of different enivronments. She was super tired by Sunday night and enjoyed some more snuggle time with Nola Muffin.

If you’re interested in adopting Delaynie please fill out an application with BURN. If you would like more information about her, email me at:

3 thoughts on “Big Weekend Happenings!

    • When we first got her I thought she had the “so ugly she’s cute” thing going on, now I just think she is plain cute! I came across Sirius Republic from reading a ton of blogs about fostering, including yours, and I knew I had to get one for Laynie! It seem to be THE thing to have if you’re a foster pup. Nola is a bit jealous though, I want to get her one but I can’t decide which pattern.

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