Sadness and Reflection

I had a tough day today. I am overtired from walking two dogs 2-3 times a day and stressed about finding Delaynie a perfect forever home. But that’s not what made it tough. I found out that a rescue pup I met a few weeks ago was needlessly put down after it didn’t work out with his foster home.

I first met Rexxy when he was being fostered at Camp Bow Wow. It was before Jim and I had decided to foster and we were on the look out for a second pup to add to our family. Jill, the owner, had me meet him. He was a big, block-headed, sweety of a pit bull. I wasn’t convinced I wanted two dogs, and CBW was so good at finding forever homes, that I didn’t pursue it anymore. Shortly after our meeting, it was discovered he wasn’t great at backing down when a dog challenged him, so he couldn’t be fostered at camp anymore,and he had to be moved. The ‘rescue organization’ that was responsible for him was not adequately prepared to deal with placing a dog with aggression issues. They put out desperate, horrible, pleas to foster him on Facebook threatening to have him euthanized if no one stepped up. Someone finally did, and adopted Rex, but he was returned shortly after because he chased the resident cat. Many people wanted to help, but his issues with other dogs severely limited the places he could go. So, this is when things get a little fuzzy. Apparently the ‘rescue’ released him to a lady who was going to work with him on his issues. We were all relieved and happy that he got another chance at life. And then Camp Bow Wow broke the news that after what they heard was an ‘incident’ with the foster’s other dog, he was euthanized.

I can’t accurately put into words how this makes me feel. A flood of emotions came over me. Obviously the first and most powerful was sadness. How could this happen to such a great dog? Why couldn’t he get a fair chance at life? Then it went to guilt. Could I have done more to help save him? Then it was anger. How could a ‘rescue’ release him to someone who could make a decision to kill him like that? Aren’t these people supposed to be looking out for the best interest of the dog? Would he have had the same fate if he was a Lab or Golden Retriever and not a Pit Bull? I know that rescues and shelters are faced with decisions like that all the time, but the fact that I met this dog and was unable to do anything to help him is just so heartbreaking. I also know that it is impossible to save every dog, but why does it always seem to be pit bull type dogs that suffer the most? Sometimes I think my passionate love for dogs and intense need to help them is a curse. If I didn’t care so much then I wouldn’t spend hours crying over situations like this. I know this is irrational, and the world needs more people to foster and care about animals, but it is not an easy thing to do!

Now that I am the one responsible for the future of a rescued pit bull , I feel the pressure and responsibility to make the right decision about finding her a home. Delaynie’s entire life lays in my hands. I can’t let her end up like Rex.

RIP sweet Rex. You'll be in my heart forever. Enjoy heaven lovely boy.

5 thoughts on “Sadness and Reflection

  1. So well said Danielle… I agree with every word and I feel exactly the same. You are doing a wonderful thing and someday this world (hopefully) will be a better, more loving and accepting place for ALL dogs, including pit bulls. RIP Rex ♥

  2. Wow…that is so sad, poor Rex! I totally feel you with those “desperate crazy Facebook pleas”…grrrrr. Don’t feel guilty, this was in NO way your fault! You’re honoring his memory by saving the lives of the dogs you’re fostering.

    BTW how awesome is Camp Bow Wow? We have one of those in Nashville that Oscar’s been going to for awhile, he loves it! Our first foster, Tucker, was also being held there temporarily before we got him, and so was Molly Tamale before she came back to us the second time.

    • Yes, we LOVE Camp Bow Wow. Nola goes there a couple days a week and has been since she was a puppy. They are so nice and I love how they actually care about my pup and what she does each day there. They foster a lot for several different rescue orgs, and it seems like their dogs always get adopted so quickly.

    • Thanks Emily. I appreciate your kind words and support. The network of foster families I’ve discovered through blogging is so compassionate and reassuring that I’m not alone in everything I am going through with our first foster.

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