No More Babies!

Delaynie had her spay surgery on Thursday. We knew she had her puppies in November, so we were nervous that she would go into heat again before we could get the surgery done. But, Dr. Mike squeezed her in and now Laynie will only be a momma once! Yay to no more puppies!

I dropped her off that morning, and it was sad leaving her in the kennel and walking away. I was afraid she would think I left her forever! She’s had it so rough, it broke my heart thinking she would be sad and alone. But, I had to remember that dogs live in the present and the surgery had to be done for her health.

I picked her up later in the day. She did great! Dr. Mike did a full work up, blood test, heart worm test, and even a back x-ray. Everything looked good. She does have tapeworms, so we will be treating that. She was drowsy coming out of the office and we spent 20 minutes in the driveway once we got home because she DID NOT want to jump out of the car. Eventually we made it in and Laynie took her place on the couch to rest.

Nola was very concerned about Foster Sis’. She had to make sure Laynie was ok.

Laynie was pretty restless all night. She vomited once before she settled in all curled up in her bed.

She bounced back so fast and was completely fine the next day. We have had to try to keep her calm to make sure she doesn’t pull the stitches or anything. I was concerned when I saw some discoloring above the incision, so Jim and I took Laynie to the vet again for a quick check up on Saturday.

Everything looked fine, it was just some bruising, and she was even cleared for some short walks! I was relieved because keeping her quiet for 4+ days with another pup in the house was going to be tough! Laynie is a trooper and will now be able to live the rest of her life without the risk of having more puppies. It’s so important to have your pet spayed or neutered! Laynie’s pregnancy would have been prevented and 4 less pups would be in foster homes if this simple surgery was done earlier!

If you’re interested in adopting Delaynie please fill out an application with BURN. If you would like more information about her, email me at:

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