What’s in a Name?

I’ve been writing a lot about Laynie, our new foster pup, lately so I think it’s time to write more about our resident pup Nola.

Jim was the one who actually picked Nola. The listing on Petfinder was a picture of 5 puppies from a litter labeled ‘boxer mix’. I let Jim pick which one he wanted, and he chose Camilla. Part of the adoption process was to call the foster mom and ask about the pup’s personality to make sure she was a good fit. In Camilla’s case, the foster mom told us we had chosen the ‘pick of the litter.’ She said Camilla was always the one who was exploring, she was outgoing and lovable. She also said she thought she was part pit bull.  At the time this didn’t have much significance, but looking back it was the beginning of our advocacy for the bully-type breeds.

Nola is the one on the right, too busy exploring to look at the camera.

Nola, then called Camilla.

Anyway, both Jim and I agreed the name had to go. I wanted a name that meant something to the both of is. Not just Boston or Fenway or any other trendy name that people choose up here in the Northeast. So I thought about it and suggested we call her Nola.  NOLA is the nickname for New Orleans Louisiana. I have gone there each December for the past 4 years for work. The first year I went, Jim came down to surprise me with a ring and a marriage proposal (and tickets to the New Orleans Saints vs. New England Patriots Monday Night Football game).

The night we got engaged, tailgating at the Saints Pats game.

Of course I said yes, and from then on New Orleans had a special place in our hearts. Now, Nola now has one too.

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