The Adjustment Period-Day 3

I was still tired and a little overwhelmed so I decided to take yet another day off from work to be with the two pups. Michelle came over again. This time, she brought a chain martingale collar for Delaynie. The buckle collar just wasn’t working with her pulling, so we decided to try this. The four of us went on another walk. This time we went down to the Portland Trail at the end of the street. At first we let Nola off (she has great recall) and left Delaynie on leash. Both Michelle and I were itching to let her off, as we are both of the school that off leash runs/walks burn more energy than on leash. But, realizing Delaynie technically isn’t my dog, I was cautious. We got to a point on the trail where there was no one around and really nowhere for Delaynie to run to, so we tried it. And this is what we got:

Delaynie was great. She followed Nola everywhere. When we called Nola, Delaynie would happily trot along. It gave me hope we can let her run around off leash eventually. At the end of the walk we had two tired pups. My motto is ‘A tired puppy is a happy puppy.’

Dinner time was also better. We designated the dining room as Delaynie’s room to eat and Nola got to stay in the kitchen where she always eats. We put a baby gate up to separate the two rooms and we leashed Delaynie as a precaution. Things went seamlessly. Delaynie was great at sitting and waiting for her food after only a couple of tries!

After yet another ‘pack walk’ later that night, Jim, Delaynie, Nola and I went to bed. Day 3 was even better than day 2 and my doubts about fostering were fading.

If you’re interested in adopting Delaynie please fill out an application with BURN. If you would like more information about her, email me at:

5 thoughts on “The Adjustment Period-Day 3

      • For us, it was our second. Our first one (Tucker) was so easy that I think it gave us a little false sense of security. Our second (Kaylee) was a little more challenging, especially since we already thought we were foster rock stars after Tucker was such a breeze! LOL It helped us realize that each dog is different and there is no “one size fits all” method for asking dogs to get along. Oscar just needs time to warm up. Kaylee needed to be introduced on a side-by-side “pack” walk. Cooper (our current foster) gets stressed out on a leash so he does best meeting a new dog for the first time off-leash in a safe environment. I’m glad to hear they’re getting along better now!

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